top 5 reasons to run a virtual race the virtual run challenge

 · There are many reasons to run a 5K but here are our top reasons: It’s an approachable distance A 5K is 3.1 miles, and is one of the most approachable distances for beginners since most people can finish in 30-40 minutes (or less).A virtual race that can be run at any location. Run, walk, jog, bike, use the treadmill or participate in another race. You can run your race at your PACE. Q. Can I do more than a mile a day? A. Yes! You set the pace. Q. When can I start my challenge? A.virtual pace series – From LIVE events to events that you run/walk at your PACE. We created the Virtual PACE Series to help others who are passionate about staying active and keeping PACE in a busy world. Movement is everything- walk, jog, run, bike or treadmill, participate in our series at your own 10 reasons to Run a Virtual Race. Still on the fence about running a virtual race? We found a great article with the top 10 reasons to run a virtual race: What is a Virtual 5K?. 1) Great Introduction to Running 2) Up at 6AM for A Race? I don’t think so Run At Your Own TimeVirtual race – Challenges changes you 5K – 10K, This is a perfect way to stay motivated for your running all while keeping up with your busy lifestyle.This virtual race packet includes the medal, the tank top, the bib, the car magnet .How this dynamic unfolds during the remainder of the warriors’ playoff run almost surely will be a factor in Durant. If you’re grouchy, crabby or just need a virtual dog to kick, the Warriors are. · Race Details. We really prefer for you to register online if at all possible – it’s quick and easy with the link at the top of the page. Our 1 Mile and 5K races have no time limit and our half marathon time limit is 3.5 hours (16 min miles) – plenty of time to walk most of the course if you’d like.You log your completed run, and are shipped a race medal and, if you’re lucky, some other swag. (related: 5 common mistakes runners Make On Race Day) There are plenty of reasons runners have begun to.

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