compound bow string silencers

Buy the top custom-made bow strings for hunting & target practice. Get free US shipping on ready-to-ship custom bowstrings. Take your archery up a peg, at 60X.One of the simplest and most effective modifications that can be made to a traditional or compound bow is the addition of the best bow string silencers. These small accessories are a beneficial tool for the target, field or hunter archer.A bow string silencer, or bow string dampener, reduces the loud noise of the string snapping, as the arrow is released from the bow. This is important to a game hunter, as you don’t want the animal to startle and run away.Making memories with our cutting edge innovations, Diamond Archery produces the most versatile compound bows on the market today. From youth archery to serious hunting equipment, we produce the best-selling bows todaybow string silencers Archery Traditional & Compound Bows Buckskin Leather SNKS See more like this brown bowstring whisker silencers 4 Pc Pack Archery For Recurve & Compound Bow Brand NewSims LimbSaver Everlast Leech String Dampener. navcom technology stops string oscillation and noise by up to 90%. Extremely durable, your string will break before the Everlast Leech does. Simple to install. Made for high-poundage compound bows and crossbows. Per 2.String the bow, which will secure the bundles in place. Being very careful not to cut the bow string, cut the loops so you have a lot of single strands. Note: For photo purposes the bow is not strung, but string the bow before you cut the loops. Shoot the bow a few times to get the silencers to expand. There you have it: nice homemade wool.An unsilenced bowstring will vibrate like a guitar string during the shot. To prevent this, affix a rubber silencer like the String Leach or Catwhisker near each end of the string. Six or 8 inches from each limb tip is about right. rubber string silencers are also advisable on the cables of noisy compound bows.The Best designed archery dampening system Only bowjax products’ innovative patented designs and top-quality materials can deliver on the promise to be the Best Designed Archery Dampening System. Learn Why Innovation & Commitment Bowjax was founded in 2000 with a desire and commitment to bring to the archery world the best designed archery vibration dampening.

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