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Skillful legal representation in dog bite cases. Although New Jersey law is clear that dog owners are responsible for the injuries their pets cause, dog bite lawsuits can be challenging. These cases are often highly emotional and owners use every defense possible to avoid financial liability.The New Jersey Dog Bite Lawyer Serving clients throughout New Jersey. share. Welcome to the website for David Cowhey, a personal injury lawyer specializing in helping innocent victims of dog bites in the state of New Jersey pursue justice and compensation for their injuries.Attorney J. Robert Bratman, Certified civil trial attorney, gave an interview to Garden State CLE in January 2012 about dog bite law in New Jersey. Here, you’ll see highlights of the interview.Strict Liability Law in New Jersey. The state of New Jersey utilizes a strict liability law, which makes a dog’s owner liable when the dog attacks someone, provided that the victim was located on public property or had authorization to be on private property at the time of the attack. This law does not require the dog’s owner to be aware.Dogs may be called "man’s best friend," but to millions of people each year, they become dangerous attackers. If you sustained a serious dog bite injury – or if your child was a dog attack victim – we can help.Call Console & Associates P.C.’s NJ dog bite lawyers today for your free consultation.When is the owner liable for dog bite injuries in a personal injury claim or lawsuit in New Jersey?Animal attacks fall under premises liability. In most premises liability cases, the plaintiff has to prove the property owner knew or should have known about the safety hazards on the property. But New Jersey law is more strict when it comes to dog bites.New Jersey utilizes a strict liability law, which makes a dog's owner. Obtain the Assistance of an Attorney That Specializes in Dog Bite Cases.Contact A Proven Dog Bite Attorney. If you are the victim of a dog bite or attack, or of an attack or bite by any other animal with a known owner, and have questions, please contact the proven personal injury team at the law offices of Hoffman DiMuzio for a free consultation or call 856-637-3000 to speak with a dog bite lawyer.

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